Monday, February 27, 2012


Please meet  Evaline Chepkoech, a precious Sister in Christ and new friend to WIT!  Evaline is a 25 year old wife and mother of two children, who discovered this WIT Web Site in October, 2011.   She was delighted to see all the encouragement and helps to start a church ministry for women in need.   Evaline obediently listened to God’s calling in her life and has enthusiastically started a Women in Truth Ministry in her church!

Evaline lives in a small village called Kaptebeswet.  It is located in Kericcho County within the Rift Valley Province of Kenya, Africa. She attends the Gospel Faith Mission Fellowship church which has approximately 100 active members.   With the loving support of Pastor Stanley Cheruiyot  and Bishop Daniel Kikwa,  Evaline has started both Sunday and Wednesday Women in Truth Classes.   

 Evaline writes, “I am happy to email you….God's work has no limit till the coming of Jesus. We need to win many souls for our Lord Jesus. I hereby want to tell you that my church has been willing to help WIDOWS and SINGLE  MOTHERS who are in great need. I have been praying for these widows and single mothers to get some skills so that they can provide for their children…… training in hairdressing/hair plaiting, tailoring, adult education(have knowledge in small business), poultry, cookery and knitting. It will be wonderful. My Pastor has done all the administrative issues.”

We thank God for Evaline (and her supportive church pastors) )for starting a Women in Truth Ministry in Kenya for women in need.  Let us keep them in our daily prayers for God to bless them all abundantly!

If you live close to Evaline’s church in Kenya, the Gospel Faith Mission Fellowship Church in the Kaptebeswet Village, you are lovingly welcomed Into their church family.

If you would like to start a Women in Truth Ministry like Evaline did in her church, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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