Sunday, September 19, 2010


Dear Friends of Women in Truth,

Please read about our wonderful mission trip in July-August on the front page of our WIT Newsletters and see the pictures on the WIT Web Site

What an unexplainable experience to bring the joy of the Lord Jesus Christ to others, less fortunate. As we shared the Gospel of Jesaus Christ, we gave gifts of clothes, food, soap and much more. Each person who received was most grateful.

We shared the blessings of WIT: "Women helping women and children" who are in great need in the local villages." Many are widows, teen mothers, orphans, victims of rape, abused and more. We encouraged the Christian women to unite and become "Women in Truth".......sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ while loving and caring for others, not looking the other way or expecting foreigner's to always come and help. The women listened and were excited to become a part of God's serving Family, reaching out to others.

One day a very old crippled woman came limping to meet us in a poverty striken village. She was carrying about 30-40 pounds of water on her head in a large container!!! Her back was bent, her feet were bare, and one could see with every step she was in pain. Behind her was a lazy young man standing with other curious young men, watching but doing absolutely nothing to help! Young women were also standing nearby, allowing this woman to suffer daily. Without thinking, I firmly looked at the closest young man and said "Young man, please come and take this heavy water jar off of this woman's head right now! It is hurting her!"

He promptly did as I said. Some men snickered but all in all, I think everyone got the one another for heaven's sake! These people truly need to hear the Bible, to learn how to love their neighbor.

I was so thrilled to see in one village, the wealthy Chief had accepted Jesus Christ through our Evangelism Training (ET)Ministry. In fact, as a result of his new born-again life in Christ, the Chief not only built a new church but gave ET a piece of land to build our ministry on.

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