Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Families of Christians Imprisoned For Their Faith, Need Your Help

Esther's Mom is in prison for a crime she committed!

The above line may not sound like a plea for help...but it is. Esther's Mother was sentenced to two years of forced labor in a Chinese "re-education" camp... because of her Christian work.

China claims to have "freedom of religion" and does not persecute Christians. But this apparently is not the truth, because Esther's parents were arrested for pastoring a Christian (unregistered) house church. Like most Christians in China they choose to serve God without Communist government control.

Esther - currently a student at a U.S. Christian university - is asking us to write to her mother in prison to let the Chinese authorities know that her mother is not forgotten. We stand with her and will not let her suffer alone.

To learn more about joining The Voice of the Martyrs and China Aid in answering Esther's plea, please use this link. http://etools.781net.com/a/fop/bg_vomfop_cti-fop-email_409.html

"Will you help? Please write to my mother in prison" — Esther

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